Denmark to Ghana

The second thing that Jackie ever asked Aron was: “Do you want to go on a motorcycle trip down West Africa with me?” And we’ve been planning this trip ever since.

Three years later, and we’re finally ready to go. We bought motorcycles on the right continent about two years ago. A year ago we did our first long trip through the UK, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. It was a great adventure (albeit rainy) and also served as a solid trial run before our upcoming trip. (We learned some lessons about bringing solar panels to charge our electronics as well as boost our motorcycle batteries, but we’ll save that for another post.)

Now, as we get closer towards starting our three month adventure from Denmark to Ghana, we’ve decided to start this blog. We’ll be posting partially about our adventures on the road. And we’ll also be posting about our packing list, gear choices, route, border crossings, and various other nitty gritty details that will hopefully make someone else’s life easier if they attempt this trip in the future.

Speaking of route, here’s our proposed itinerary:


That’s all for now. We’ll be posting more of our pre-trip preparations in the near future.

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