Mechanical Problems

This is part 1 of our mechanical problem series, a series that I hope to be a one part series (but I doubt that will be the case). In setting up the blog, Jackie seeded categories of posts for easy access and tagging including: Gear, Packing, Route, Visas and borders, and Things that went wrong. Today we use “Things that went wrong” for the first time, so that’s cool right?

Photo Jun 05, 12 47 20 AM

Anyway, the dreaded KLR Doohickey has reared it’s ugly head. On the advice of basically the whole internet, we bought new “doohickeys” or “Balancer Chain Adjuster Levers” for our KLRs since everyone says that either the lever or the spring (or both will break).

On Jackie’s bike, Holt, the spring was broken. The internets was right.

On Aron’s bike, Melton Constable, the doohickey was broken. Whoa! Those internets, right again.

After replacing the doohickey, we put it all back together only to find that one of the valves seems to be making a very slight contact with the piston. This very slight contact makes a very worrying noise when you try to start the bike. The un-tensioned chain seems to have skipped, messing up the engine timing. As of today, we don’t know if the valve is bent or if it’s ok, but the timing in definitely off both according to our repair manual and according to the previously mentioned valve-piston contact with associated worrying noise. Tomorrow the mechanic and Aron’s dad will try to adjust the timing, which will hopefully take care of the problem. We’d be there with them getting greasy like Aron did all day today, but we already bought non-refundable tickets to go to LEGOLAND with a friend who is in from Copenhagen for only one day.

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