Mechanical Problems Update #2 – Fixed!

Today we returned to the mechanic to check out Aron’s bike, Melton Constable. He (the mechanic, not Melton) had ordered a new head gasket, and was waiting for it to come in so he could replace it and make sure the bike sounded normal again.

As we pulled into the parking area, Melton Constable was parked outside – which is always a good sign! It looks like removing the soot, fixing the timing, and replacing the broken doohickey did the trick, and the bike is running great! We rode them both home today.

Overall, there were a number of repairs – both big and small – that were done on the bikes. It wasn’t particularly cheap to do all this work, but if it avoid problems on the road, it was definitely worth it and the price was very fair for the amount of work. Bjarne at Glebjerg Motorservice did a really fantastic job helping us out. He did a thorough sweep of the bikes, and caught everything that needed fixing: from the worn-out chain and sprocket to the small cracked dust seals on our brakes. Plus Aron and his dad got to help out with a number of the repairs.

IMG_0467 (2)

We’ll likely have a few more mechanical challenges on the road. But without Bjarne’s help and all of these repairs, we probably wouldn’t have made it out of Europe! We’re excited to hit the road in a few days feeling confident that our bikes are starting the trip in good mechanical shape.

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