A world of LEGO

On Wednesday, Jackie flew into Denmark from the UK. The closest airport to Aron’s dad is Billund Airport. Billund happens to be home of the original LEGOLAND (and the LEGO company), and so we headed there directly from the airport.

LEGOLAND has some theme park-style rides, but the coolest thing about LEGOLAND is the incredible number of intricate things made out of LEGO! There were LEGO people that moved. There were LEGO sharks swimming around LEGO pirates. There was a LEGO canal with working locks and a LEGO boat that traveled through them. But descriptions aren’t enough, so here’s a sampling of things made out of LEGO:

IMG_0358 (2)

IMG_0364 (2)

IMG_0376 (2)

IMG_0428 (2)

IMG_0398 (2)

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