Mechanical Problems Cont. – Day 3

Day 3 – Paris to the Loire Valley:
We swapped the old filter with the new filter and left Paris, heading south. Throughout the trip, I noticed that my bike was running pretty hot, and my right leg was very warm. It seemed to work, though, so we continued.

Then we stopped on the side of the road to buy cherries. When we were ready to leave again, my bike wouldn’t start. I turned the key in my ignition, and none of my lights turned on. We took out the multimeter and checked my battery. It was at 12.11 volts – way too low.

Photo Jun 16, 5 07 17 PM copy

We were baffled. How was my battery dead? I had a new battery, and we checked the charging system in Denmark. What happened? We couldn’t figure it out, and I suggested we try to push start my bike. We weren’t expecting much given that the entire electrical system seemed to be dead, but surprisingly, it worked! So, with my bike started again, we plugged the battery into our solar panel and hit the road.

During the drive, my right leg was incredibly hot. I could barely keep my leg close to the bike. After about an hour of driving, we found a nice hotel that we wanted to stay at. As we pulled into the parking lot, I noticed the overheating light on my bike came on. This was not a good sign. So we shut off the bike and went to sleep baffled. My battery was dead. My whole electrical system seemed to be dead (except for the over temperature warning light). And my bike was overheating, so the replacement filter and coolant didn’t seem to be working. We were stumped, and didn’t know what to do.

To be continued…

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