Change of Itinerary

Our route took us to Sevilla for two days and down to Tarifa on Saturday early afternoon for our ferry crossing to Tangier. We called the ferry company yesterday afternoon to find out if we needed to buy our tickets ahead of time. They said that it’s easy to buy tickets at the port. They also said that the ferry port has been closed since Monday because of high winds.

So… We cancelled our hotel in Sevilla, spent our second night in Granada (as planned), and headed out early for Algeciras, the larger ferry port that runs to the new ferry terminal 40km outside Tangier. It’s 6:00 and we’re sitting on the delayed 3:00 ferry. The bikes are strapped down on the vehicle deck and we’re just waiting to set off. They just announced that they’re closing the ramp in 3 minutes.

We’ve been talking about how we don’t have enough time in Morocco, so now we’re attempting to cross two days early.



On an unrelated note, Jackie dropped her phone in our rush at the ticket line. Black dots appeared on the screen. She dropped it again, much more softly on the carpet on the boat. The dots went away. Look how happy she looks.


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