A Setback

We’re on our way back to Boston. Jackie had a low speed fall in soft sand in Dakhla, Western Sahara on Monday evening. She twisted her knee and it’s very swollen. She can’t walk or support weight on it. Other than that and a big bruise on her thigh she’s ok. There’s much more to tell in another post (helpful new friends, hospitals, customs for the bikes), but our travel insurance said we had 48 hours from the accident to decide if we were going to use our medical evacuation option to get a covered flight home. The closest MRI machine was 1000km away and Jackie still couldn’t walk, so we decided with the clock ticking that going home was best. We’re currently in Frankfurt airport, waiting for our 3rd flight.


If we’re lucky, Jackie’s knee will be good enough for us to return to the trip in a couple weeks. If not, then we definitely made the right choice to come home. We’ll try to get up more of the story when we’re home and let you know what happens next.

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