Postponing the rest of the trip

About two weeks ago, we landed back in Boston to get Jackie’s knee some proper medical attention. It’s a good thing we did, because it turns out she had a super rare knee injury that required urgent surgery.

Jackie had an avulsion fracture of the tibia where the ACL attaches to the tibia. This basically means that instead of tearing her ACL, she chipped a whole bone fragment off where the ACL attaches to the tibia. The injury had the same symptoms as an ACL tear (because her ACL was basically hanging useless, attached to the bone fragment), except the surgery is urgent (lest the bone heal in the wrong place). This particular injury is apparently common in children, but incredibly rare in adults. The orthopedic surgeon had only seen this injury one other time in an adult patient.

Last week, Jackie had surgery on her knee to suture the bone fragment back in place so it can heal properly, and now she’s starting to walk with a robot-looking brace.

Unfortunately, this is the end of our epic journey. For now. Jackie needs to heal and learn how to walk again, and then we simply don’t have the time before work starts up again. We need about a month to finish the trip, and we hope we can find the time to do it. But we also have a lot planned this year, so there’s a chance it simply won’t happen. We’ll see.

In the meantime, we’re going to post a few old stories on this blog. One from when we spent a night hanging out with a Berber shop owner in the Atlas mountains, and one from when the incredibly friendly staff at Ocean Vagabond in Dakhla helped us get everything in order before we flew home. Stories are forthcoming soon!

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