Burkina Faso in summary

Another delayed blog post (being finished in the Accra airport just before our flight home). Sorry.

We arrived in Burkina Faso from Mali. The border crossing went relatively well. First we visited immigration, where the immigration officer, “Pastor” Daniel, stamped our passports, gave us his phone number in case of any trouble and told us, “Welcome to Burkina Faso. It’s very safe. There is no Al-Queda here!” We then visited customs to purchase a laissez-passer, which was well marked (prices and all) and only took about 5 minutes to get (much better than the hour and a half it took in Mali).

We rode on to Banfora, which is a town surrounded by a bunch of really nice natural sites. We checked out:

  • The Cascades at Karfiguela, some waterfalls 15km from town.


  • Lake Tangrela, where we hired a canoe guide to show us the hippos (he also made a nice water lily necklace and crown).


  • and

  • Our day trip to the previously mentioned Sindou Peaks.

We spent three nights in Banfora and a huge amount of time trying to get online. We got a ton of help from Jackie’s brother Bryan, who sent us systematically collected screen shots of satellite images of all our potential routes to the border with Ghana in order for to evaluate the state of the paved and dirt roads.

Right when we had finally downloaded the pictures, we got an email (part coincidence and part because we finally had a good enough connection to download and check email) from Jackie’s friend Claire in Ouagadougou who said we could spend the next night with her, thereby setting our route for us as the one with longer distances, but paved roads.

On our way to Ouagadougou, we did a quick drive by tourist viewing of the Great Mosque in Bobo-Dioulasso.

Claire was a gracious host who shared her huge house with us including the guest room, garage, and hot shower. She also made us a baked vegetable dish, which was a welcome change from all the fried food we had been eating.

The next morning we headed off to the Ghanaian border. Our time in Burkina was short, but we saw some beautiful places and met some very friendly people.



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