We are Aron and Jackie, and we own five motorcycles on three continents.

Jackie and Aron

Two are in the US, where we live. Two are in Denmark, getting ready for an overland trip through Western Europe and West Africa. One is in India, where Jackie works.

We love motorcycles, and we love planning long and somewhat crazy trips on our bikes. In 2012, we did a three-week trip through Denmark, Sweden and Norway. In 2013 we did a four-day trip through southern India. Soon, we’ll be embarking on a much longer trip. This blog is an attempt to 1) chronicle our adventures, and 2) chronicle all the preparation that went into this trip (to help those who plan on traveling through West Africa in the future).

Holt and Melton Constable are the names of our two Kawasaki KLR 650s that are about to travel from Denmark to Ghana. We named them after two towns that we rode through in the UK.