Our amazing cases, thanks to Danico

We’re carrying a fair amount of gear on our motorcycles – primarily tools (we’ll post more on our full packing list in the future). To do this, we needed a bit more storage than our bright green dry bags that relied on last year.

Commercial options for cases and racks are rather expensive (in the range of $750-$1,250), and didn’t quite suit our needs. Some of them would be nearly impossible to mount to our model of bikes. Others would be difficult to take on and off (something we’re going to do a lot in Africa to protect our gear).

So, being engineers, Aron designed our own custom cases and racks in SolidWorks instead, and we sent the files to Danico in the Ukraine. Aron basically asked them to build something like the files he sent in stainless steel. Being expert welders and metal fabricators, Danico took our designs, made them cleaner and simpler, and fabricated them. They came out beautifully and we highly recommend their work.  Thank you SO much to Danico for their amazing work! If you need some custom metal work, get in touch with Igor through their info@ email address on their website (which is in Ukrainian). The speak both English and SolidWorks. Their specialties are in working in stainless steel and in welding.

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IMG_0528 (2)

We spent the last two days before we departed Denmark mounting the cases and racks to the bikes (with a lot of help from Aron’s dad). It took some trial and error, but we think we’ve got the racks solidly attached. The cases easily slip on and off the rack, and they lock to the rack when they’re closed. We added some weather stripping to the cases to help make them water tight, and a few drain holes to the bottom just in case some water seeps in. The case by the exhaust pipe is a bit smaller and carries most of our tools, while the other case is larger and has room for storing our helmets.

IMG_0533 (2) copy

Overall, the cases and racks been working out great. They feel surprisingly stable when riding, and we’re storing all of our tools, our tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pads, and a few other items in them. Thanks again to Danico for making this possible!