Soupruary Cross-Post 2

We had some Indian style Lentil Soup in the Netherlands while visiting a family friend in Utrecht. Check it out.


Soupruary Cross-Post 1

So, as you can see by virtue of the fact you’re reading this post, the Holt and Melton Constable Motorcycle Blog exists and that is largely because of you (our reader audience). The past couple months were packed with planning. Planning the route, planning the gear, planning repairs, designing cases, ordering parts, etc.

People kept asking us if we were going to have a blog. As a blog was non-essential to a timely, well prepared departure, Aron told people there would be posts on our existing blog, but the blog is about Soup, so that’s all we would write about – the soups of our trip. Now that we have a motorcycle trip blog, I don’t want to let down the people who wanted to hear about soup, so here is cross-post #1 to the SoupruaryBoston blog: Fish Stew in Denmark.

These posts will be links to the SoupruaryBoston blog that will get added here as we soup it up along our route.